Pine Ridge Introduction : The Muddy Road Foundation

Pine Ridge Introduction

I first became interested in helping The Lakota Sioux Tribe on The Pine Ridge Indian reservation in South Dakota after I went to visit with my family in February 2012.

While we were on “The Rez” I was really struck by terrible living conditions. Many of the children that we visited at The Wounded Knee School lived in rundown conditions. The trailer’s they lived in had no heat, were falling apart and were very over crowded.

I am not quite sure how exactly I want to help right now. I will be in touch with some “elders” in the community to see if I can help with housing or if I should continue to help at the Wounded Knee School. I will find out from them how I can be most helpful.

I do know that I am going to raise money by having a Basketball “Foul Shooting Contest”. I will invite all the kids in my grade, their families plus my sibling’s grades and other friends and family friends. It should be a really fun event and everyone can feel good about helping some people who really need it.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

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