Matthew’s Mission : The Muddy Road Foundation

Matthew’s Mission


The Lakota Sioux Tribe in South Dakota has a saying: If you take the “Muddy Road” rather than the easy path you are building strength along the way. The difficult path builds courage and character. If you take the “Muddy Road” you will appreciate all that you have so much more.

One night my parents called me to their room to watch the 20/20 Special “Children of the Plains”. I saw a boy, 12 years old, Robert Looks Twice, and he was the All American football player. I was immediately hooked in! This caught my attention because Robert and I are kind of similar. We both love football and we are around the same age. However, our lives are completely different. When I saw the condition he and his family were living in and I realized how fortunate I am. The first thing I said was “ How did this happen and how can I help”? I decided at that moment this would be my “Mitzvah” project (a good deed) for my Bar Mitzvah. That Saturday I wrote a letter to Diane Sawyer at ABC asking how I can help? Within two days I got an e-mail back from the producer of the show. I couldn’t believe how quickly she answered me. I knew this was the start of something special!

After many conversations with the producers I was informed that the children of the Pine Ridge Reservation read far below the standard level. I was told they are in need of a new reading program and computers. I have decided to start by raising money to donate to The Wounded Knee School on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

The Lakota Sioux end every prayer with the following saying: “Mitakuye Oyasin”- which means” Everything is connected”- we are altogether on this planet. My prayer is that you will help me with raising awareness and money for the people of Pine Ridge Reservation.

If you are interested in helping me in this cause you can easily make a tax -deductible donation. Any amount will help!

Thank you in advance for all your support! Shalom and HOW .

Matthew Schwartz