Joshua’s Mission : The Muddy Road Foundation

Joshua’s Mission

Fall 2019 UPDATE: I recently spoke to the Wounded Knee district school and asked them how everything was going and what was needed.  I am finishing a fundraising drive among my friends and family to send all the kids winter coats, hats and socks.

I first became interested in helping The Lakota Sioux Tribe on The Pine Ridge Indian reservation in South Dakota after I went to visit with my family in February 2012.


While we were on “The Rez” I was really struck by terrible living conditions. Many of the children that we visited at The Wounded Knee School lived in rundown conditions. The trailer’s they lived in had no heat, were falling apart and were very over crowded.


For my Mitzvah project I helped to raise money for the Foundation. I wanted to help the children of the Wounded Knee School on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I ran a basketball free throw competition to raise money. The money went to help build a Family Resource Center. The center will be on the school campus and will be a community center that has washers and dryers. It might not seem like a big deal but there are barely any laundry facilities on the Reservation. The idea is to get the parents more involved with their kids education. The parents can earn tokens to pay for their laundry if they participate in school activities and become involved with their kids at school.